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Corin Brewer


During my childhood, I grew up on a livestock farm and spent 10+ years in 4-H learning the meaning of hard work, the rewarding responsibility of caring for animals, and the integral importance of service. I was fortunate enough to have my own horse, Seewin, starting at the age of 7 and experienced the incomparable intuition from and bond that is only possible with the right equine influence. In addition, I’ve always been passionate about people; authentically connecting with them and creating meaningful connections between them is my purpose. From time spent assisting at summer camps for children with special needs, to networking in the corporate world, and to raising my two children, I’ve found my greatest joy in understanding others and finding ways to grow them, develop them, and improve their lives.

The combination of a passion for adding value to others, understanding business, 10+ years studying French, and a study abroad program in France led to B.S. degree in International Business from Wright State University. These endeavors were reinforced with additional professional experience and by obtaining my MBA, with a specialty in Marketing from the University of Dayton. My career spans 20+ years, across sales, operations, and marketing. I’ve spent years growing in responsibility for managing teams, client relationships, mastering project management, developing marketing strategies, driving the development of strategic planning and tactical execution.

I reside in Centerville with my two children, ages 14 and 10. I enjoy recharging by socially connecting with others, staying physically active, traveling, exploring local places, cooking/baking, experiencing live music, and outdoor activities.

Corin Brewer
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