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An Equine Assisted Counseling Program

Taking the Reins

Join us for a unique program, pairing you with a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and our equine partners. This experiential opportunity involves working with horses in a naturalized, unmounted setting to identify and address the goals that are most important to you. Groups are developed based on similar-aged participants with like-minded goals, which allows participants to not only work towards their goals but also have a sense of community with individuals who may be going through similar experiences. 


Full Program Details

Session Length: 6 weeks

Program Cost: $300

Programs Goals:

  • Develop new insights into yourself, your relationships, and your thought processes

  • Express and process feelings in a safe and nonjudgmental environment

  • Explore the issues preventing you from reaching your goals

  • Create new ways of relating, communicating, and problem solving

  • Empower you to determine your own path forward

Session Dates are determined based on participant availability. Please contact our Program Director at to inquire about upcoming sessions!

Single Day Retreats

Session Length: 2-3 hours

Program Cost: $75

What to Expect:

  • A peaceful and supportive environment among our herd at our beautiful horse farm

  • Introduction to mindfulness & grounding techniques to feel present, be in the moment, and let go of stress

  • Hands on activities with the horses to gain insight into your emotions and any issues you may be facing

Upcoming Retreats

Women's Retreats:

Sunday, June 9th from 11a - 2pm

Sunday, July 14th from 11a - 2p

August date TBD

Contact our Program Director at to register for one of our upcoming retreats!

Have a group that you are interested in doing a retreat with? We are happy to accommodate groups of up to 10 individuals and charge a group rate of $500. Please inquire further about upcoming availability for your group!

"The caring staff, loving horses and kind students are amazing and have greatly impacted the overall health and wellbeing of my daugther. This program truly brings her so much joy. We are blessed we found TRI."

TRI Parent

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