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Spring Session 2023: March 13 through May 27, registration deadline is February 17th
Summer Session 2023: June 5 through August 19, registration deadline is May 12th
Fall Session 2023 : September 11 through November 21, registration deadline is August 28th

Programs have registration due dates for participation. Registration does NOT guarantee entry into a program, days and times will be selected by our Program Director out of your preferences and will be confirmed with you before the start of the program. Careful consideration goes into determining if a participant will benefit from a specific program. While TRI has a non-discrimination policy, there may be programs that are contraindicated or simply not safe for a specific student to participate in. Limitations and contraindications are located in the student handbook that is linked below.

Our Program Staff spends a great deal of time placing a student in the best class/program based on their unique needs, the horses available, the instructor scheduled, the available volunteers, and their peers in a class. Unfortunately, this may not all align with a student requested day and time.

Participants are required to complete registration paperwork on an annual basis.


Anyone wishing to participate in mounted or unmounted equine-assisted activities may be asked to attend an in-person evaluation. This aids in determining the appropriateness of activity and adaptive equipment necessary.

All Registration Paperwork must be completed and submitted prior to the evaluations being scheduled.



If it has been more than 12 months since participating or there has been a change in diagnosis, a returning student may be asked to participate in an in-person evaluation. These students will be contacted directly by the Program Director to set up an appointment.

For more information, please fill out our student inquiry form or contact Sam Ingersoll at

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