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An Equine Assisted Learning Program

The EAGLE Program

TRI is eager to be launching our Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Experience Program, otherwise known as our EAGLE Program, aimed towards helping our youth better understand their emotions and how their emotions affect their interactions with others. While working alongside TRI's Licensed Mental Health Professionals, Equine Specialists and our amazing herd of horses, participants will work towards improving peer interactions, improving self-esteem, identifying and verbalizing their emotions, and much more!

This program is available for partnering organizations serving youth in the Miami Valley looking to support their clients' social & emotional health in a unique setting.

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Full Program Details

Session Length: 6 weeks

Group Size: 5-10 participants

Program Cost: $150 per participant

Programs Goals:

  • Learn to identify and verbalize their own emotions in a supportive, non-judgmental environment

  • Learn self-awareness to regulate their physical and emotional state while safely interacting with horses

  • Learn and practice positive ways to communicate and problem solve with peers 

  • Practice interacting with horses in a kind and respectful manner to increase feelings of empathy and self confidence

*Goals are subject to change to fit the organization's overall goals for their clients.

Session Dates are determined based on group availability. Please contact our Program Director at to inquire about getting your organization involved!

Single Day Workshops

Session Length: 2-3 hours

Program Cost: $500 per group

Group Size: 10 participants

What to Expect:

  • A peaceful and supportive environment among our herd at our beautiful horse farm

  • Introduction to mindfulness & grounding techniques to feel present, be in the moment, and connect with our horses

  • Hands on activities with the horses to gain insight into our emotions and how our actions impact those around us

Contact our Program Director at to schedule a single-day outing for your group!


TRI's 2023 EAGLE Program with 
Kids In New Directions

In 2023, TRI was thrilled to partner with Kids In New Directions of Dayton, OH to offer their clients a unique Equine Assisted Learning program during their Summer Break. KIND brought 10 children, Kindergarten through 6th grade, from their program to work on developing their social and emotional learning skills alongside our horses.


KIND's Executive Director shares "Our students all gained a self confidence that couldn't be taught in the classroom - confidence in themselves and their ability to step up to challenges with open hearts and minds, as supportive teammates and peers. Without saying "you have to be nice" or "don't say that", TRI taught them that they are in control of the outcome as long as they are in touch with their emotions.....From the concept, to your incredible staff, there is not a thing about TRI that is not worthy of being recommended time and time again. I saw only good things."

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