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Therapeutic Riding Program

TRI's Therapeutic Riding program is available for participants 5 years and older with a variety of diagnoses to enjoy an outdoor recreational activity that is adapted to suit their needs. Students work toward horsemanship goals alongside their volunteers and peers in a fun, social environment. 

"The friends, volunteers and staff at TRI are amazing! We have been given memories, joys, and tears that will last a lifetime. We have loved our time here!"

- TRI Parent

Benefits of Therapeutic Riding

There are many benefits participants in our Therapeutic Riding program may benefit from including:

Physical Benefits: Therapeutic Riding is a great source of physical exercise for all participants. Lessons are adapted within the limits of the participants strength and energy to provide a recreational activity they can enjoy.

Cognitive Benefits: Participants will receive benefit through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning while learning how to ride their horse. During the lesson key skills such as following directions, active concentration, and  fine motor skills will be worked on through activities in the lesson.

Social & Emotional Benefits: Our riding lessons are organized in a group setting which allows participants to benefit from social interactions with their peers. Riders will also benefit from improved self-esteem and confidence as they progress in learning how to ride. 

2024 Session Dates:

Spring Session: February 19 - May 3

Summer Session 1: May 20 - June 22

Summer Session 2: July 15 - August 17

Fall Session: September 9 - November 23

Get Started!

1. Complete a New Participant Application and return to our Program Director at

2. Schedule an in person evaluation at the farm and meet the horses!

3. Complete the 2024 Registration Packet and return to our Program Director

4. Enroll in an upcoming Session!

For questions call 937-317-4439.

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