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Payment Details:

The tuition that Therapeutic Riding Institute charges its participants represents a fraction of the real cost of each service. Tuition is evaluated annually towards year-end for any changes that might be made to the coming year. Tuition varies according to the program.


Lesson Fees:

All lesson fees are due prior to the session you are participating in. Sessions will all be 10 weeks long and will be billed for the full session upfront. If you are unable to afford the full amount at time of registration, you may contact the Program Director for payment options.


30-45 minute Weekly Therapeutic & Adaptive Riding Lessons: $45 x 10 weeks = $450 per session

*60 Minute Horsemanship Lessons: $60 x 10 weeks = $600 per session
**30 minute Private Lessons: $75 x 10 weeks = $750 per session

**Horsemanship and private lessons will be scheduled at the discretion of the TRI Program Staff.



We offer several ways to pay:

1. One Time Online Credit Card. You will find a place to pay for your lesson fees via credit card in the emailed invoice you receive each session.

2. In person: Cash, Check or Money Order written to TRI

3. Mail in TRI, 3960 Middle Run Road, Spring Valley, OH 45370



Students registered in a specific program that runs for a short time are expected to pay for the program in its entirety 2 weeks prior to the start date.

For more information, please fill out our student inquiry form or contact Sam Ingersoll at

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