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Payment Assistance

While TRI subsidizes most of the cost of a lesson, a nominal fee is required of participants. For students needing a form of assistance to cover their cost we have the following resources:

Leg Up Scholarship: 

We have established a scholarship program to give a ‘Leg Up’ to assist those who are unable to pay the entire cost of their tuition. Because we must raise the funds from outside resources to cover these lessons, we ask that individuals pay as much of their tuition as possible. These scholarships are need-based. Scholarships are available on a limited basis and are awarded and renewed annually. Applications require 30 days to process.

2023 Scholarship Application Form


For more information on our Leg Up Scholarship, please contact Program Director Sam Ingersoll at

Medical Insurance: 

TRI programs do not qualify for medical insurance coverage.



All county boards of DDS now require families to apply for a voucher from the county and then submit it directly to TRI. We then submit the vouchers after the program has been completed. Please contact your case manager to set up either monthly, quarterly vouchers or for a special program session. Vouchers must be turned into the TRI prior to participating. Any fees not covered by the voucher will be the responsibility of the participant to pay directly to TRI.

Third-Party Scholarships: 

TRI accepts scholarship payments from third party organizations. We will be happy to assist you with any required paperwork. Any fees not covered by the scholarship will be the responsibility of the participant to pay directly to TRI prior to lessons. Financial assistance may be available through the following outside organizations:


Air Warrior Courage Foundation


Our Military Kids 

Autism Society of Greater Dayton


Spina Bifida Coalition of Cincinnati,

Your county board of developmental disability services


South Community,


Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association,

ACT Today!

We need your support!

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