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Meet Our Horses

Meet our herd!  Every horse was hand-picked for TRI to make sure we can meet the needs of our participants. Each horse has its own unique job here at TRI!

Interested in sponsoring the care of a horse? Donating $450 a month or $5,000 a year to our general fund will make you a sponsor for a horse of your choice. Each horse at TRI gets special treatment including, farrier, veterinary and chiropractic care, along with the regular cost of feed and housing for them. Your donation will help us to continue to provide top of the line care. Look below at each horse to see who still needs a sponsor for 2022!  If you are interested in sponsoring a horse, please reach out to our development team at


Billie Rae

Sponsored by Kara Matson & Family

Name: Arizona

Age: 24

Years at TRI: 8

Name: Arizona

Age: 24

Years at TRI: 8

Name: Arizona

Age: 24

Years at TRI: 8

Name: Billie Rae

Age: 22

Years at TRI: 8

Billie Rae is a fan favorite! Her favorite treat is frosted Mini Wheats! 



Currently looking for a sponsor! 

Name: Chance

Age: 29

Years at TRI: 3

Chance is our oldest horse! He would never let you know though, he's still young at heart and has a lot of years left in him! 



Currently looking for a sponsor! 

Name: Poncho

Age: 24

Years at TRI: 1

Poncho is our newest horse here on the property! He is known for his soft steering and smooth trot! 



Currently looking for a sponsor! 

Name: Coupe

Age: 18

Years at TRI: 2

Coupe is a big horse with a big heart. He is large enough to accomodate our adult riders, but has a soft spot for the younger riders. His quiet patience makes him a great horse to learn independence on.

IMG_0773 (1).jpg


Currently looking for a sponsor! 

Name: Wynonna

Age: 17

Years at TRI: 2

Wynonna is our largest horse! She has a big trot and gives our riders a lot of input! Her favorite treat is applesauce! 



Currently looking for a sponsor! 

Name: Perfect

Age: 20

Years at TRI: 2

Perfect lives up to her name! She is our only gaited horse which means she has a large smooth stride! 



Sponsored by

Angie Mead.

Name: Bella

Age: 15

Years at TRI: 3

Bella is our smallest here at TRI! Although small she is a huge part of TRI! Her specialty is making students feel safe and secure while being closer to the ground! 



Currently looking for a sponsor! 

Name: Arizona

Age: 24

Years at TRI: 8

Arizona has had over 100 unique riders on him since he started at TRI. 

Donate or Lease a Horse

Do you have a lead on a good horse or have a horse you’d like to donate? View our criteria for potential horses.

A TRI horse carries precious cargo, and we take great care in selecting, evaluating and training each and every one of them.

Our Equine Manager initially evaluates all horses being considered to join the TRI Team.

If you would like to donate or lease a horse to our program, required criteria for your horse includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ideal age ranges from 8 to 22 years old.

  • 14.2 – 16.1 hands

  • Must be able to hold at least 200lbs comfortably

  • Preference for horses of stocky build

  • Must be physically and behaviorally sound with no injuries or vices

  • Must be able to walk, trot and canter. Horses must already be in semi-consistent work

  • Must be slow, smooth, patient, calm, and quiet

  • Excellent ground manners

  • We DO NOT accept: horses with visual impairments, stallions, horses with significant gait defects, or horses that are not sound at the walk, trot & canter


Because of our commitment to our students and the subsequent high standards for our horses, the Therapeutic Riding Institute is typically only able to approve and accept an average of one in 10 horses generously presented to us as a donation. If interested in donating/leasing please click below.


Your support makes our services possible! 

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