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Joe Madren

Servant Leader

My professional background spans 17 years of sales, marketing, and the training in the specific psychology behind people’s motives for investing or making decisions. After graduating with my Bachelors and Masters’ degree from North Carolina State I have been everything from a Technical Sales Engineer, Director of Sales and Marketing, VP of Sales & Strategic Planning, and President of an International Sales and Service company. All of which have provided me with a wide breadth of experience that is applicable in any organization looking to grow. I’ve traveled all over the world conducting business, selling, building long lasting relationships, and trying to pull others up.

TRI is an organization very intriguing to me for several reasons; the first is simply what I previously stated. There is a power that comes from the equine that is immediately ‘felt’ and really unexplainable. Also having a disabled close relative, I really understand how the connection between humans and animals transcends our logical world as I watched his interaction with animals in such an affectionate way that he never, ever displayed towards other humans.

The final reason is that I’d like to do something fun while helping those with special needs. Children, children with disabilities, and single Mothers are always at the forefront of my charitable contributions and this would allow me to help in a way that is more than just financial.

I would like to give some of my experience in sales and marketing back to a worthy cause. I’ve been looking to join a board off and on over a year or so but haven’t been presented the right opportunity. It seems like this opportunity is serendipitous. I’m hoping that TRI may find my skills appropriate in their efforts to bring joy and healing to children and adults with various challenges.

Joe Madren
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